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What we believe in
Our mission is to build cultural bridges that connect the international community with Taiwan, embracing its heritage and uniqueness. Through illuminating Taiwan's extraordinary history, culture, and global contributions, we aim to inspire a future where inclusivity and diversity enable an interconnected and harmonious world.
TWIF Founder Message: 擁抱臺灣特色 搭建文化橋樑 連結國際社會
––––– Hao-Wei Chen, Founder of Taiwan International Foundation (TWIF)
AbouT THe Foundation


Founded in 2023, the Taiwan International Foundation (TWIF) is an educational and cultural 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to advancing global understanding of Taiwan's history, culture, and people. Our mission is to engage and educate the international community on Taiwan's unique identity and the role it plays on the global stage. The foundation is led by a group of Taiwanese American volunteers who are passionate about sharing their stories and memories of Taiwan, including award-winning community leaders Hao-Wei Chen (President), a cybersecurity practitioner, and Sylvia Tsai (Vice President), a lawyer. TWIF is a registered Museum Member of the American Alliance of Museums.

Taiwan on the map taken by NASA
About The Work


TWIF's organizational strategy focuses on our multi-phase priorities. In the short term, our objective is to create an online platform named "Taiwan Space", offering original educational and cultural resources to the public that are derived from our own research. In the mid-term, we aim to organize both online and offline exhibitions that feature artifacts and stories in alignment to our mission. Looking ahead in the long term, our goal is to build the "Taiwan International Museum", a permanent establishment in Washington D.C. showcasing artifacts and stories of Taiwan. The museum will act as an accessible channel for the general public, especially the next generation, to dive deeper into the rich cultural history of Taiwan — birthplace of the beloved bubble tea enjoyed worldwide.

A roof angle from the Bishan Taiwanese Temple in Taipei
TWIF, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, engages in activities that support our mission within the boundaries of our tax-exempt status. As such, we remain nonpartisan and do not participate in political campaigns or engage in substantial lobbying efforts, in compliance with relevant federal regulations.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2023 – 2033

TWIF short-term plan
We will develop an online platform Taiwan Space featuring educational and cultural content spanning across multiple categories, created collaboratively by academic researchers and domain experts. Content generation will be empowered by our field studies, user research, and data analysis to enhance our ability to share Taiwan's stories effectively. We will forge partnerships with academic institutions, public sectors and nonprofit organizations, and implement outreach strategies to promote the platform. Our aim is to become a trusted source for introductory content about Taiwan.
Taiwan Space logo
TWIF mid-term plan
As part of our preparations for establishing the Taiwan International Museum, we will initiate the collection of artifacts, archives, and materials related to Taiwan and Taiwanese American's rich history and culture. We will actively seek collaborations with museums, collectors, and individuals who can make contributions to our collection. Simultaneously, we will explore temporary space solution for physical exhibitions. Alongside these physical exhibitions, we will explore the creation of virtual exhibitions, aiming to reach a broader audience, including those unable to attend in person. These pilot programs represent our foundation's commitment to learning and developing the necessary initiatives for our long-term goal of creating a physical museum.
Taiwan International Museum Beta logo
TWIF long-term plan
In this phase, we will initiate planning and fundraising efforts for the Taiwan International Museum. This encompasses considerations such as the museum's location, size, design, exhibits, and educational programs. Engaging local Taiwanese American communities and the wider public will be integral to our museum's development, ensuring that it reflects our shared heritage and identity. We will also establish a sustainable strategy to support the museum's long-term operations, manage funding sources, form partnerships, and oversee maintenance. We will organize fundraising activities, secure a physical space, build an artifact collection, and maintain partnerships with both local and global collaborators.
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Event poster
Digital Diplomacy Seminar Event – Taiwan x The World: Public Diplomacy Redefined

TWIF collaborates with the Youth Advisory Committee of the Executive Yuan to host a panel discussion on digital diplomacy with domain experts and leaders from NPOs/NGOs and academic institutions.

Date: September 27, 2023
Time: 2 PM to 5 PM (Taiwan Time)
Participation: In-person. Registration required.
Registration Page: https://forms.gle/S5ZLX2dUBAjuzfQ69
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